Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time Out for a Special Announcement

Hi Everyone--
I just wanted to announce to my cousins (Jana, Diana, Melanie, Scott, etc.) that I'm offering a free cousin special! Anyone who would like to have their kids in my children's choir (cousins, that is) may have them come for free! (Okay--you do have to pay $15 for tee-shirts and misc.) That is a $110-$125 savings!! Seriously, I would just love to teach your kids! So--if you want them to join, just call me! (Or comment on this blog!) The age groups are 4th to 9th grade (8:00a.m.-9:20a.m. Saturday mornings) 1st to 3rd grade (9:30-10:30a.m. Saturday mornings). Hope someone takes me up on it!
Love ya!

PS The Hill kids are coming all the way from Highland and Lindon....


Lola...again said...

UMMMmmmmmm..let me think...YES!!! Leslie you are so sweet!!! Thanks! Jessica (7th grade) and Macy (1st) would LOVE it! They are both very excited, and very thankful!

I'll call you later about it!
Thanks again! Jana

petersons said...

I have a very "mature" red headed Kindergartner that would love to do it! My 3rd grader won't even sing in primary!


petersons said...

We will out of town this weekend (SORRY!!) But she can come for sure next week.

Thank YOU so much!


It's Just me! said...

I have got to have one singer in my family! That's my dream anyway and what greater thing than to have them taught by the best?? I would love to have Alex with you!! He is 6th grade (actually 7th grade age but I held him back a year!) You are the best! Talk soon!


Neil said...

Thank you Leslie....I am so happy that so many of my grandchildren are going to take you up on the are so you...Auntie V.