Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leslie's Little Brother Matt is Full of Crap!

I think the blog needs a new title (see above) but since I did not create it I will acquiesce. Leslie asked me to contribute my "words of wisdom" and/or my "latest greatest fact." I will do both, briefly for I have no love of writing.

I'll start with the "words of wisdom." Expose yourself to a variety of viewpoints and challenge each "fact" as it is presented. This is the fundamental characteristic of critical thinking. Do not allow the media or friends or government or anyone to be the sole foundation for your understanding. Question everything. Everything! Not only will it make you wiser but more tolerant, more Christlike.

Case in point my "latest greatest fact", I was reading this article this morning.
Biofuels are good right? Maybe not. I won't reiterate what was already explained in the article, but it is important to challenge assumptions. 'Twould be ironic if in pursuit of minimizing our carbon emissions (evil) we do something worse (evil-er).

Anywho, I'm flattered by Leslie's faith in my intellect. Blah, blah, blog...

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Neil said...

Matt, What is Kalapapa and what is the height of the cliffs around them? from Vickla Petes