Friday, May 2, 2008

If you love LBMKE then you'll really enjoy TMR

Hey Kids,

Leslie created this site with a sincere desire to somehow encourage the world to recognize that I know too much about too many stupid things. I think she thinks I'll get a radio or TV program someday where they will connect wires to my gigantic head and slowly extract random info for the audiences pleasure. That will certainly be the case when our alien overlords arrive. In the meantime, I mention the origin story to invite you to the blog I have been running for several years. It has gone through various states, but I mostly deals with movies and coming attractions. So check it out @ I am trying to be more proactive and writing more regular feature based articles including weekend movie recommendations.


P.S. Whilst I usually won't post anything too racy, it is usually a PG level blog without the swears. Mostly. Enter if you dare.

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